San Nicola Tourist Itinerary


Point of interest n°1

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The mother-church of the tiny sea hamlet of San Nicola l’Arena was erected in the second half of the 19th century, its construction financed by a wealthy layman of Palermo, who dedicated it to San Nicola di Bari. It encloses an important high altar which houses a wooden sculpture of the Immacolata of notable craftsmanship


Point of interest n°2

A castle rises over the small fishing village of San Nicola l’Arena. It was purposefully built overlooking the sea by the Crispo family to defend the surrounding territory around the 12th century. Its cylindrically shaped tower stands over the centre of the courtyard, embellished by a terrace and containing three circular halls, adjoined by a stairwell. Three smaller towers are connected by a terrace once employed by the sentries for their rounds and holding a battery of seven canons. The castle is currently used for wedding parties and various shows.


Point of interest n°3

In recent years, the authorities have sought to promote the coastal village’s natural tourism potential with services for its tourism port, a popular docking point for many sailboats and motorboats navigating the Mediterranean, holding its own in terms of structures and services with other ports situated in the rest of Italy. Protected by two long wharfs extending north-eastwards, the marina of S. Nicola L’Arena can moor around 800 vessels on numerous floating pontoons; two smaller piers protrude outwards to the southeast from the breakwater structures built in the interior part of the port. The sheltered marina of San Nicola L’Arena is well serviced for every nautical need, providing rentals for dinghies and boats, or berths for passing pleasure craft.